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Direct Delivery

Iowa Gold Connection offers a wide range of precious metals and gold investment opportunities.  Direct Delivery is an important part of our service.  This smooth process is offered to make the actual delivery of your Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium as secure, quick, and private as possible.  Your entire experience with Iowa Gold Connection is:

  • Secure - Deliveries are insured and shipped via registered shipments.
  • Quick - Once details are arranged, our goal is to get you the precious metals as fast as possible.
  • Private - Discreet packaging insures privacy.  No Social Security numbers or 1099 forms are issued.

Iowa Gold Connection delivers precious metals all around the United States.  We cater to your personal needs and maintain direct communication with our clients during the delivery process.  Contact Us to request free information on our Direct Delivery service and how we insure you receive exactly what you've come to expect from Iowa Gold Connection.

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