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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I transfer assets into a Gold IRA?

Any advisor will tell you it's important to diversify your investment portfolio.  What many commissioned advisors forget to mention, is that a great way for increased diversification is to invest away from currency-related assets.  Our global economy is fragile and governments are often forced to devalue their currencies in an effort to stimulate economic growth.  This causes inflation that can reduce the value of your hard-earned investments, but this will not happen with precious medals!  Gold, Silver, and other precious medals can provide stable and secure opportunities to truly diversify your investment portfolio.

What is the rate of return on a Gold IRA?

Iowa Gold Connection will not speculate on the future price of precious metals.  As with every investment, you must understand the risks involved, but if you would have invested $25,000 in Gold 30 years ago, the current net worth would be over $500,000.  Even with this being said, Iowa Gold Connection believes investing in precious metals in not as much about the rate of immediate return, but the longevity of a stable investment that diversifies any portfolio.

Can I Put Gold In My Retirement Account?

Yes, however most financial companies do not allow clients to place precious metals in retirement accounts because they are static assets that cannot be traded.  In fact, many commissioned advisors don't want you to know that you're able to place physical precious metals in your retirement account by simply setting up a Self Directed Gold IRA.

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