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Gold IRA

Invest in GoldIn 1997, the Tax Payer Relief Act made it possible for precious metals to be added to retirement accounts.  Include Gold in your retirement plan as a way to achieve diversification and increase the stability of your investment strategy.

Gold has often been called the “crisis commodity” because it tends to outperform other investments during periods of political or economic turmoil.  Factors that cause other investments to suffer, will traditionally cause the price of gold to rise.  Having a portion of your assets allocated into a Gold IRA is very important, and highly recommended.

The Gold Connection can convert your "paper" IRA or former 401(k) into a Gold IRA where you own and hold SOLID GOLD and SILVER!  Your rollover is TAX FREE!

We recommend US Gold and US Silver for:

  • Preservation of your personal buying power
  • Diversification away from paper assets
  • Security of knowing your wealth is protected

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